El Catedral de Valencia

Saturday (sorry for not posting this sooner…), I visited Valencia’s Cathedral, a building that I’ve mentioned in a few other posts (where I stole the above pictures from). This cathedral was built and renovated over many different centuries and is an interesting blend of architectural styles. After having walked by and around the exterior of el Catedral many times, we actually went inside the gorgeous building today and did an audio tour! I love old architecture, and aside from castles and palaces, old churches tend to be the most impressive of old buildings (as was intended). This church did not disappoint.

Here are a bunch of photos I took of the inside.

Have you ever noticed the large amount of dead people in churches, particularly old cathedrals? Tombs in the floor, the walls, sometimes even underground crypts. The Cathedral in Valencia was no different. The picture on the top right below shows one tomb in a wall of one of the many chapels of the church. There were lots more just like it.

The Cathedral has a large side chapel that is very Gothic in style. It also houses the supposed Holy Grail. They say the cup dates back to the 1st century, though the base is newer and was probably added later. Regardless of weather or not that is actually the Holy Grail, it’s kind of amazing that a cup that old is just hanging out in this chapel.

The Cathedral also houses a relic of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of Valencia. The lefthand picture below shows the saint’s preserved arm. Creepy, right?

So that about sums up the coolest parts of the inside. But we also climbed the bell tower attached to the cathedral, the Miguelete (not the worst thing I’ve hiked up recently, but it was a good amount of stairs. Definitely worth the climb and the 2 euros).

While we were up at the top of the tower, it turned five o’clock. A few other churches in the area rang their bells first, and we thought, “hey, that’s pretty quiet,” thinking it was the bell in the tower that was ringing. Wrong. A couple seconds later, the bell we were standing right next to started to wring and it was SO LOUD I plugged my ears. It also scared the crap out of us and everyone else that was up there, which was pretty funny.

Other than a history-filled walking tour, this is probably my favorite of all the things I’ve seen in Valencia so far. (The castle in Xativa is up there on that list, too, but technically it’s not in Valencia).


Hasta luego!


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