Memoria Cultural: Intro

So there’s this thing I have to do for one of my classes. I have to write about cultural experiences I’ve had while in Spain and turn in a journal of sorts to my professor. Instead of doing a journal, another option was to do a series of at least 10 blog posts and to send him the link to my blog. In an effort to save paper and since I already have a blog up and running, this seemed like the best idea.

Now, since all of my classes are in Spanish (we can’t even speak English at school- it’s strictly forbidden), that means any “memoria cultural” posts are also going to be in Spanish. Sorry friends, family, and readers who speak only English, but the only way you’re going to be able to understand this series of posts is if you use an online translator (which I don’t recommend because they do a horrible job and it probably still won’t make sense). Most of the important stuff from the posts will either show up in future blog posts of mine in English or it’s already been posted. So no worries! You’re not missing anything.

(As for my hispanohablante friends, family, and readers, you all should be just fine. Also, forgive any strange wording or grammatical errors. My writing is decent considering it’s my second language, but I know it’s not perfect.)


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