Dad’s Weekend

I’m a little behind on posts right now (big surprise) so this is from a 2 weekends ago. I warned you that this would probably happen 🙂

Anyways, my dad came and visited after spending the week working in London. It was nice to show him around the city and show off my Spanish skills. I had class the day he arrived, so we met up for lunch afterwards and then walked around the city as I pointed out important buildings (el Catedral, el Mercado Central, etc.) and sights (not that I’m anywhere near as good as an actual tour guide).

The next day (Friday) we also did a good amount of walking. We hopped on a bus to the beach after I was done with class where we ate lunch and walked in the sand for a while. We then went to la Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias to see the ninot exhibition for las Fallas (a Valencian festival that happens every spring that involves making ninots (“dolls”) out of paper materials that are later displayed and burned in the streets- that’s the best quick explanation I can give, but be on the lookout for a post about Fallas in the next week or so).

That night, my Dad was invited to dine with my host family. It was certainly interesting, since my dad doesn’t speak Spanish and my host mom and host brother know only a little English (though I think they know more than they claim 🙂 ). I basically spent the meal translating, talking in Spanish one minute and English the next and sometimes to the wrong people. Needless to say, by the end of the meal, my brain was pretty exhausted.

Saturday we walked to my school so he could see the building, although we couldn’t go inside because the center is closed on weekends. We then headed to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to watch the mascletá, a firework show designed purely for the noise. This is also part of las Fallas and happens from the beginning of March through the week of Fallas at 2:00pm. I had yet to see one since I normally have class, but my dad had already seen two while I was stuck in school. It was very, very loud, but I loved it. (Here’s a link to a video of a really good one so you can get an idea. I’d turn up the volume for a better idea of what it’s like…)

We grabbed bocadillos for lunch (I am so going to miss these. Guess I’ll just have to make them myself 🙂 ) and ate them in the plaza in front of the Cathedral. We then walked around the city some more, eventually heading to los Torres de Serranos, one of two sets of towers left from the wall that used to surround the old city. We climbed up them and had nice view of the city.

Later that day, we also grabbed churros and chocolate from one of the many street stands popping up for Fallas (arguably my favorite thing about the festival).

That about sums it up, I think. I can’t wait for my whole family to come visit in April!

Hasta luego.



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